Property law

The Office provides a full range of legal services, from the first legal consultation on immovable property to the editing of documents and the administration of real estate registration.


The involvement of lawyers covers the scope of sales, rental, exchange contracts, mortgage transactions, the settlement of property forms, the division of land and any legal transactions involving the land register.


The Office shall provide full advice on tax and levy obligations and discounts and exemptions incurred in the transfer of assets.


We undertake the professional development of condominium founding documents, operating and other regulations, and we are also involved in clarifying issues related to possession, utilization, real estate rental, exploitation and investment.


The Office has direct online access to the national real estate registration "TAKARNET" system. With this help, we provide our clients with online access to the national real estate registration network.

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Contents of the web page are not considered as legal advising. This is the web page of attorney at law Dr. Mosolygó Sára (Budapest Bar registration number: 17297)