Corporate law

Our Law Firm is engaged in any and all corporate and commercial law matters that can arise during the operation of business associations and assists its Hungarian and foreign clients in the establishment of the most appropriate corporate structure and transaction structure.There are no translations available.

The activities of our office cover all the tasks related to legal matters accompanying the life cycle of corporations /business entities, special corporations, associations and foundations/, in particular foundation, transformation, operation and the establishing of further corporations, as well as the representation of them in business negotiations or official procedures, legal advice in preparation for liquidation or winding-up, the drafting and countersigning of corporate documents and legal instruments and the representation of them both in and out of court.

Our office is capable of completing the necessary documents for the establishment of a business entity in as little as an hour.

Our office administers the modification of companies and the transfer of quota and provides help with the development of bylaws and disciplinary or other internal policies.

Our office offers legal support for transactions related to capital increase, capital decrease, the transfer of quotas/shares and the due diligence of companies.

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Contents of the web page are not considered as legal advising. This is the web page of attorney at law Dr. Mosolygó Sára (Budapest Bar registration number: 17297)